We seek the highest standards in privacy.

Encrypting, securing, and maintaining your fundamental right to privacy.

Privacy Policy

At Seqster, we believe that your privacy is a fundamental right.

We designed our software and our infrastructure with privacy and security in mind from the ground up. Our servers are hosted on a fully HIPAA compliant platform that has been certified with the most stringent health care industry security standards including HITRUST. Keeping your personal information private and secure is our top priority. For example, we ensure that your personally identifiable information (PII) is completely separated from clinical data, making the clinical data de-identified. We also ensure that our application cannot make bulk queries for PII data and this data is not directly exposed through our APIs. We created a proprietary encryption algorithm that uses not only bank-level AES-256 encryption but an individual encryption key for each user. This avoids the "shared key" vulnerability that would make it easy to decrypt all data in a database once the shared key is discovered. There is no shared key or individual key stored in our software or configuration files. All encryption keys for accessing your personal data are calculated "on the fly" whenever your data needs to be accessed by our application. These are only a few examples of our security measures designed to protect your data. At Seqster, our servers need to be more secure than those of any healthcare provider and we are confident that we have achieved this goal on your behalf.

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