The COVID-19 Compass Symptom Checker module is built into the Seqster interoperability platform allowing healthcare enterprises to track the health and wellbeing of research subjects who may have been exposed to COVID-19.

Features of COVID-19 Compass

  • Based on CDC guidelines and best clinical practices
  • Covers four levels of illness severity
  • Life-threatening
  • Severe, Non-life-threatening
  • Minor symptoms typically correlated with COVID-19
  • Symptoms occasionally associated with COVID-19
  • Covers risk factors such as age, gender, location, and potential exposure
  • Includes pre-existing health conditions that indicate higher risk
  • Can include specific roles such as healthcare workers or long-term care residents

COVID-19 Compass is designed to address subjects currently enrolled in clinical trials. Research subjects are provided with official recommendations based on any of nine different scenarios determined by their responses to the symptom checker questions. COVID-19 Compass is powered by our interoperability platform to help healthcare enterprises better navigate the health of their population, while identifying and tracking patients' symptoms along with vitals collected directly from any connected EHR device.

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Features of Seqster Interoperability Platform

  • Standardized patient-reported symptoms are matched with real-time diagnostic test results acquired from the patient’s healthcare providers
  • Geographic area, age, gender, and preexisting conditions derived from the patient’s EHR
  • Pulse-ox (SpO2), heart rate and temperature captured from the patient’s vitals measured from in-home devices or the patient’s EHR
  • Positive test results can be reported, along with all of the above metrics, with patient’s consent, to the research team or regional health department immediately after they are recognized in Seqster

Study managers benefit from COVID-19 Compass by easily monitoring their subjects in any study through the Seqster Research Portal (SRP) in real time and taking necessary action to ensure that subjects’ health remains a top priority. Seqster logs the answer to every question asked on each run of COVID-19 Compass and uses the answers to generate statistical tables and graphs to help patients and the research community better understand the trends nationally and within geographic regions.

COVID-19 Compass and the Seqster Interoperability Platform are hosted on HIPAA compliant and HITRUST certified servers. The platform, including COVID-19 Compass, can be deployed within 24 hours. The platform can also scale automatically to thousands of active users and be dynamically updated as COVID-19 guidelines evolve.