The Seqster Platform

Monitor your loved ones’ health

Family members can securely monitor and track their loved ones’ health data, even if they’re across the country. 

For the first time, families have the same access to data as medical professionals, empowering you to make informed decisions.

Share data with HealthTrust™

Seqster’s HealthTrust™ is a legal framework to preserve and pass on medical, DNA, and fitness data to family members or trusted recipients. You control what data you share.

Gain new insights

Explore health data that’s important and see changes over time. Visualize important health indicators and see how they all work together.

“My family uses Seqster to make sure my siblings stay up-to-date around my mom’s Alzheimer’s care.

When I go to doctors’ visits, I have all my mom’s information in one place. And my sisters appreciate that they can monitor her steps everyday and ensure that she’s taking her medications, even when they’re across the country.”

—Naomi G.

“I wanted to compare my 23andMe data with my brother’s data.

Seqster was the only platform where we could share our results with each other and compare our DNA. Now I understand why he’s able to eat cheese with his wine, while I can’t even add milk to my coffee because of my lactose intolerance.”

—Lori S.

“I had a heart attack at 42. I created a HealthTrust so I could pass on my health history to my sons.

They have access to my data and can look for the signs of heart disease that I missed. Now we’re working together to not only eat healthier, but be more active as a family.”

—Geoffrey M.


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High-quality longitudinal matched data sets with provenance for your projects

Researchers &
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Frictionless patient recruitment and data aggregation for your studies


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