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SaaS healthcare solution seamlessly integrates into any payer, provider, or clinical research enterprise. Seqster provides instant interoperability to retrieve and harmonize electronic health records (EHR), genetic, and continuous monitoring data from distinct sources.

Seqster Health Records

All your data in one place

Hosted on a HIPAA-compliant, HITRUST CSF® certified platform

Nationwide access to a majority of health systems and providers

Full integration with wearable & fitness devices

Direct access to DNA results from consumer genomic & clinical diagnostic labs

Seqster Research Portal

Launchpad for your next study

Seqster is empowering new research advancements through the breakdown of data silos. It instantly populates longitudinal subject health data for any clinical trial or research study, reducing data collection time and cost.

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We provide the technology platform for access to high-quality, aggregated, and continuous datasets for reduced cost, improved engagement, and better health outcomes.

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Seqster Unveils All-Star Strategic Advisory Board
Distinguished leaders drawn from Kaiser Permanente, Geisinger, Scripps, NSGC and former McKinsey, IQVIA and Qualcomm set a new standard for Seqster’s person-centric interoperability, solving the biggest pain points...

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